At Arctic Army we offer an excellent range of apparel and our range of fur products have always been very popular with our customers. We recognise however that some of customers may, for their own very valid ethics, not wish to wear animal fur and for this reason we offer the options to our customers to have their products made using Faux Fur and down-free.
For  customers who prefer Arctic Army real fur products, our fur comes from a certified supplier where traceability and transparency throughout the production chain is a key value. The breeding of fur animals is based on continuous research into animal behaviour and welfare. Scientific research ensures the animals are provided the best possible care throughout life and the breeding process.
Our fur comes from a certified supplier and in conjunction with this certificate they also have fully subscribed to the Criteria of Breeding and Utilization for Foxes and Raccoons. This criteria is extensive but includes important aspects such as shed temperature, lighting, cleanliness and spatial capacity.
Here at Arctic Army, under no circumstances would we ever condone the mistreatment, neglect or disregard for animal welfare and well-being. 
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