Our Resort Essentials are designed for beach bliss, poolside partying and a summer of jet-setting. Designed as a mix-and-match capsule wardrobe, the collection is your one stop shop for your Elite Escape. Designed with luxury and style in mind and utilising breathable 100% cotton fabrics and jersey’s and featuring new styles in the way of our oversized 50’s inspired Bowling Shirt and our utility inspired Cargo Zip Shirt. Featuring a monochromatic colour palette with Mediterranean pops of pink and light blue.



Unapologetic outerwear has become a mantra of sorts for Arctic Army, which is a strong reference to the brand’s luxury and maximal ethos. The SS22 collection draws inspiration from this whilst debuting the first ever jersey collection; the ultimate in luxury casual wear.

A full range of menswear and womenswear essentials build a ‘forever uniform’, incorporating the fundamentals of Arctic Army – providing luxury for the everyday, using only the best heavyweight fabrics to provide quality fits in maximalist styles.

This becomes clear with the abundance of reinforced jerseys, with heavyweight 430 gsm brushed loopback 100% cotton, which is meticulously made. High build, garment dyed and acid treated garments in WASHED BLACK add a vintage feel to the collection, with thick cotton lock stitching that improves with age. The sophisticated LOGO HOODIE is a testament to this, and combines a double-lined hood with a topstitch construction, for reinforced durability and day-to-day wear.

 A 90s inspired ‘forever mood’ stretches into detailing with oversized fits and R&B references.  Highly evolved shapes with drop shoulders feel opulent and are ribbed for an increased range of movement. LOGO SWEATPANTS are engineered for comfort with a low-slung feel. High build embroidery details appear throughout, alongside bold prints and screen-printed maximalist logos. Glamorous rap culture muses deliver inspiration in BABY PINK and BABY BLUE colourways, met with a muted palette of TAN, BLACK and WHITE.



 Since its arrival in 2017, Arctic Army has re-defined outerwear. Founders and creative directors Ed Jefferson and Paul Waite create a brand that encapsulates a unique aesthetic for the outerwear market and the combination of refined tailoring and over-the-top silhouettes creates bold yet wearable pieces.

The “Arctic Army” name draws inspiration from modern tribes and community, giving a sense of belonging and togetherness. From the success of their debut bomber jacket, the brand has gone on to develop collections for both men and women, as well as a bespoke capsule Out-Couture collection that offers exclusive one-off showpieces that display attention to detail, with meticulous hand-applied appliqués and finishes. In-house ateliers work with up to 90,000 Swarovski crystals to devise incredible garments for editorial, celebrity events and performances and music videos.