Founded by two English costume designers, Paul Waite & Edward Jefferson, Arctic Army was an almost overnight success story.

With a passion for fashion & travel, their philosophy was to produce a unique brand with a modern twist that remains faithful to the flight bomber jacket & military parka coat.
This luxury born brand, is accessible to everyone, not just the rich & famous and doesn't change overnight with fashion.

Starting off in 2015, with a bunch of ideas, lots of sketching  & a business plan , Arctic Army was born through Instagram & very quickly adopted by celebrities in the United Kingdom & over the pond in the United States .

With an uncompromising craftsmanship, defining city luxury, withstanding climates from springtime in Paris, Ibizan winters, autumn in London & New York winters, was exactly what was set out & accomplished.

We focus on making the best product of their kind by using the highest quality materials & furs, to ensure we deliver a product that performs to the best ability, when & where it is worn.

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