Arctic Army celebrates a new perspective on outerwear, fusing statement coats and jackets with a luxury streetwear aesthetic.
Creative Directors Paul Waite and Edward Jefferson started their journey as costume designers, evolving into wanting to create a unique collection of over-the-top fashion pieces for the 'Urban Elite'.
Through their love of super charged style, Arctic Army was born with the highly influential flight jacket and military parka remaining at the core of the collection.
Instantly recognisable by their oversized fur trims and Soldier Beetle in a saturated orange hue, people know you are part of The Arctic Army.

With uncompromising craftsmanship, defining city luxury, withstanding climates from springtime in Paris, Ibizan winters, autumn in London & New York winters, was exactly what was set out & accomplished.

We focus on making the best product of their kind by using the highest quality materials & furs, to ensure we deliver a product that performs to the best ability, when & where it is worn.
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