Near, Close and Far - Places you can still visit this October 2020. Wearing Arctic Army of course.

Please note, this  air corridor information is correct as of 28th September 2020. Check the Government information for up to date information.
The thought of getting away nowadays can seem like a distant dream, with restrictions, lockdowns, rules and regulations turning the idea of a holiday into a logistical nightmare.
On 10th July, the UK government removed travel restrictions on a list of countries known as an air corridor and the idea of a trip away became a reality again. 
As the temperature plummets as we head into October, pick your Arctic Army coat and join us as we take you to 3 destinations that are near, close and far that you can travel to without having to quarantine on return. 


Arctic Army Parka Jacket 
Average temperature 8°C - 13°C

If you’re looking for close to home, Ireland is a truly breath-taking option. 
With history overflowing everywhere, Ireland’s capital city Dublin is the gateway to the country and has enough distractions to last you the whole trip. 
Throw on our Arctic Army Parka jacket and lose yourself in the city’s world class museums then fill yourself with the finest dining,
surrounded by friendly, welcoming Dubliners.


Arctic Army Bomber Jacket

Average temperature 13°C - 21°C

Be inspired by the beauty, style and flair of Italy where you can walk by Gianni Versace’s apartment then have an espresso at the Armani café. 
Our favourite thing about Italy is “Aperitvo”, what’s better than cocktails and wine with complimentary nibbles? 
A glorious few hours where Italians relax after work and they are more than happy for you to join them. 
Feel right at home with our iconic bomber jacket in custom camo print for an ultimate fashion statement.


Arctic Army Puffer Jackets

Average temperature 19°C - 23°C

October is a great time to travel to Japan. 
There are plenty of beautiful nature spots to enjoy the saturated orange and red hues of the Autumnal leaves. 
The typical peak season to view the autumn foliage is in November but if you’re staying in northern Japan or near the mountains you will get a special preview. 
The weather is not too hot or too cold so our Arctic Army Puffer jacket with no fur is the ideal option,
lightweight and breathable yet fully insulated it is the perfect option for those outdoor hikes.
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